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Delio pursues stable returns with
its unique core management strategy,
crypto investment product lineup,
big data accumulated since 2018,
arbitrage and asset allocation strategies,
and thorough risk management.

Core Operational Strategies for Differentiation

‘Gravity’ Series

We manage assets with differentiated strategies by developing arbitrage automated trading bots ('Gravity' Series) through market analysis.
We are developing trading bot strategies (Type 'Reno') by replicating
the long/short directional trading strategies of professionals with
rich management experience from managers, securities companies,
and IBs, and conducting backtesting and gradual advancement.

Big Data

Delio X

Based on big data (Delio X) accumulated since 2018, we analyze
the digital asset market and implement arbitrage and
efficient asset allocation strategies according to market conditions.

Digital Asset Management Manpower

Based on professionals with over 16 years of management experience from securities and investment management
companies we provide strong asset management services through systematic operation organization and strict risk management.

  • State Street Bank

  • Eastspring Investments

  • Mirae Asset Financial Group

  • Citibank

  • Shinyoung Securities

  • Hyundai Motor Securities

  • Macquarie

Organizational Structure

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For any inquiries regarding OTC trading and corporate digital asset management,
please contact Delio Customer Service.

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